Build your dream with steel

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Because of the above advantages, h-beam is widely used in various civil and industrial building structures; all kinds of long-span industrial buildings and modern high-rise buildings, especially in seismic areas and high temperature working conditions; large bridges with large bearing capacity, good cross section stability and long span; heavy equipment; expressway; ship skeleton; mine support; foundation treatment and dike engineering; Various machine components
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deformed steel bar
The threaded steel is widely used in the construction of civil works such as houses, bridges, roads and the like. Large to the highway, the railway, the bridge, the culvert, the tunnel, the flood control, the dam and other utilities, as small as the foundation of the building, the beam, the column, the wall, the plate, the deformed steel are indispensable structural materials. With the deepening of China's urbanization, infrastructure construction and the vigorous development of real estate have strong demand for deformed steel
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HOT Rolled
Hot continuous rolling steel plate has been widely used in ship, automobile, bridge, construction, machinery, pressure vessel and other manufacturing industries because of its high strength, good toughness, easy processing and forming and good weldability.