The combination of futures and present in iron and steel enterprises is becoming a trend of operation


Effective Development of Futures function in Coal and Coke Mine

On October 15, the "Summit Forum on High quality Development of China Iron and Steel Industry", sponsored by China Iron and Steel Industry Association and Tangshan Municipal people's Government, was held in Tangshan. Related trade associations and steel mills, trading enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, financial institutions and other about 600 people participated in the forum.

In recent years, the iron and steel enterprises have made outstanding contributions to the strict implementation of the policy of limited production, in particular the great contribution of the Tangshan iron and steel enterprises, said the vice-president of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the vice-president of the Chinese Iron and Steel Industry Association. This year, the State has approved the establishment of the Tangshan Caofeidian Free Trade Zone, which will promote the transformation and upgrading of the Tangshan iron and steel industry. In that current steel industry situation, he believe that the main contradiction in the current industry is the structural contradiction, not the total contradiction, and the expansion of the demand and the scale expansion has become difficult to follow. "It is the inevitable choice to expand the investment of the base to pull the efficiency of the economic development in decreasing, facing the new situation, responding to the new challenge and high-speed development to the high-quality development."

According to the introduction, in 2016-2018, Hebei Province has withdrawn from the iron-making capacity of nearly 10 million tons, leaving the steel-making capacity of 56 million tons. In spite of many difficulties in the process of reducing the production capacity of iron and steel, the iron and steel forces of Hebei Province have finally overcome the difficulties, and resolutely implement the national policy and optimize the steel industry structure in the field, making the Tangshan iron and steel industry a big step to the high-quality development.

As an important steel development town in China, the recent situation of Tangshan iron and steel market has been concerned. Wang Lanyu, co-president of Tangshan Iron and Steel Industry, said that in the first half of 2019, Tangshan iron and steel enterprises seized market opportunities and reduced the impact of fuel price increases, and the market as a whole remained stable. In the future, Tangshan will continue to improve the expected quality and efficiency, in iron and steel energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing and so on.

According to the reporter of the futures daily, while the overall development of the industry is good, since 2018, the price fluctuation of steel raw materials has increased, and the enterprise's stable operation and high-quality development face a great challenge since 2018. In this background, more and more steel industry chain enterprises are involved in the futures market, and the current combination of the hedging risks has become the development trend of the industry. In recent years, the correlation of the spot price of coking coal, coke and iron ore is also steadily increasing, and the base near-price model based on the price of the big business is gradually applied in the spot trade of iron and steel and coal, according to the head of the "In the first nine months of this year, the number of units involved in the trading of coking coal, coke and iron ore exceeds 10,000, coking coal, coke and iron ore futures have a daily average of 162 million, with an average daily holding of 123 million, and the unit customer holding ratio is about 40%." 's industrial expansion department. Futures tools will play an increasingly important role in the development of the service steel industry. in ord to better serve that hedge of the steel industry, the exchange has introduced a number of measures in the optimization of the contract rule and the promotion of the function of the futures, in recent years, the system of the single service provider of the iron ore warehouse has been implemented, the quality standard for the delivery of the iron ore and the coking coal is adjusted, and the coking coal, And the rolling and delivery system and the like are implemented for the coke variety. In September, the big business issued a notice that the iron ore futures began to implement the brand delivery system from the 2009 contract, and selected 9 imported ore and 2 domestic ores, such as pb powder, brbf, newman powder, mack powder, gold buba powder, river steel fine powder and the like, as the first deliverable brand. The system is beneficial to the stable delivery of the subject matter, so that the subject matter of the future can be anchored to the mineral species with higher market acceptance under normal circumstances, and the representative of the futures price is further improved. In order to better fit the market practice, the large-scale survey of iron ore trade chain enterprises such as mines, steel mills, traders, ports and other iron ore trading chain enterprises, through the in-depth study, has developed the iron ore brand delivery plan. In particular, the new system defines the delivery scope by setting up the brand, adjusts the original quality and adds the water and adds the brand to the water, and through the provision of relevant documents to prove the brand. At the same time, the exchange innovation introduces the investigation team system to deal with the potential brand dispute.